This site hosts driver updates to SUSE® Linux Enterprise (SLE), created in accordance to the SUSE SolidDriver Program (formerly known as the "Partner Linux Driver Program").

If you are unsure whether your system requires any of the drivers hosted here, please contact your hardware vendor or SUSE Technical Support

SUSE is working very closely with hardware vendors to ensure timely hardware enablement of new systems. Should your search only reveal results for older service pack levels, it is safe to assume newer service packs already provide the drivers needed for your system.

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VendorSystem DriverKitBase OS Service PackArchitecture
LenovoThinkSystem ST550 & Intel EM64T
LenovoThinkSystem ST550 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox240 M5 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox280 X6 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox3650 M5 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox3750 M4 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox3850 X6 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox3950 X6 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox440 M5 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox480 X6 & Intel EM64T
Lenovox880 X6 & Intel EM64T

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