SolidDriver User Guide

Installing Kernel Module Packages (KMPs)

Use a Driver Kit Add-on Repository

The easiest way to install KMPs is to use a pre-built and pre-configured Driver Kit or Installation Kit. These are Add-On repositories that can be used with YaST Add-On Products module.

Installing with YaST Add-On Products Module

The recommended way to install and uninstall these Add-Ons is using the YaST Add-On Products module. Instructions can be found at: Installing Add-On Products

The advantage of installing using the YaST Add-On Products module, is that the driver kit will be configured to automatically install everything required by default. Also uninstallation can be done by simply removing the Add-On product.

Installing with zypper

It is also possible to install packages with directly with zypper by adding the Add-On repository.

First add the repository using the following command:

zypper ar <URI> <alias>


zypper ar intel-nvme

Adding repository 'intel-nvme' ..............................[done]
Repository 'intel-nvme' successfully added
Enabled: Yes
Autorefresh: No
GPG check: Yes

If the repository provides drivers associated with the hardware on the system to be installed, those driver packages can be installed by simply running zypper up.

zypper up

File 'content' from repository 'intel-nvme' is signed with an unknown key '79144284C2BEA7E6'. Continue? [yes/no](no):