HPE Integrity Superdome X
Installation Kit




This installation kit provides an official SUSE kernel update that addresses some performance issues found in the previous kernel releases for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 1


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 1


  • x86_64


Installation Kit ISO Image
File: hpe_integrity_superdome_x-sle12sp1-x86_64-1.0.iso · [download]
Size 363 MB
MD5 Checksum 0d540cc0773cf7e7c82e82aee248a26c
SHA256 Checksum 0444014e4f9239dc897e3e89511e739af08a4700d6797741ca9bdc01ba55559a


Media installation

  1. Burn the ISO image above to an empty CD/DVD media.
  2. Start the installation using the new CD/DVD media, having the standard SUSE Linux Enterprise media at hand or a URL to a network installation server.
    • If doing a network install, enter the URL of the network install source on the boot command line using the 'install=' option.
    • If doing installation from optical media the installer will first boot from the installation kit and then ask to insert CD1 of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product.
  3. An initrd containing updated drivers will be used for installation.

PXE boot installation

  1. Download the ISO image above.
  2. Mount the ISO image for access to the contents.
  3. Copy the kernel and initrd images from the installation kit iso image to the appropriate location on your tftp boot server. The initrd and kernel image are found under the ./install/boot/x86_64/loader directory. Download links for the kernel and initrd images can also be found in the table below.
  4. Copy the contents of the ISO image to a location on your installation server. (The /boot directory may be omitted)
  5. Add the URL of the installation kit location on the installation server to the boot command of the pxelinux config file using the 'addon=' option.
  6. An updated kernel will be used for installation and installed onto the system.

Example pxelinux config file section:

# Install SLES 12 SP1 with Superdome X Installation Kit
label install-superdome
kernel linux-superdome
append initrd=initrd-superdome splash=silent vga=0x314 showopts install=http://installserver/SLES-11-SP3-x86_64 addon=http://installserver/superdome
Kernel Image
Name linux · [download]
Size 4.74 MB
MD5 Checksum e03f7e4070e74fe5b0581e016c8a0d2d
SHA256 Checksum 7747efe6a6dcd142a3920c26bb33911b61c204b65f848f05e624ca0bc23009c0
Initrd Image
Name initrd · [download]
Size 47.9 MB
MD5 Checksum 1899d48ef771b7d3273c10097cdb511c
SHA256 Checksum c161bda107e89f6da4e08b604df9ec450467dfe1fc613c0f1096ce764a64adda

package names and versions

The following packages are provided with this installation kit: