Intel Media Server Studio
Driver Kit




Driver update to enable Intel Media Server Studio on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.

This driver update kit provides all required drivers to add support for the Intel Media Server Studio solution. The drivers are required by the MSS to access the Intel Integrated Graphics.

Please note: this driver kit is only meant for to enable the Intel Media Server Studio to leverage the Intel GPU. Any other Intel Integrated Graphics use is unsupported while this driver kit is installed.


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


  • x86_64


Driver Kit ISO Image
File: intel_media_server_studio-sle12-x86_64-1.0-4.1.iso ยท [download]
Size 30.1 MB
MD5 Checksum f02a8b29b0ffdf230dc05497fef479fe
SHA256 Checksum b3ad58eccfdc191a7433b532baca830cb1031040f2f4258601d8637e8b3ed29b


Add-on installation

This driver kit can be installed as an "add-on" product during the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or post installation as described in the following sections of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Deployment Guide1

In both cases the installation can be done by burning the contents of the ISO image to optical media, or copying the contents to other removable media, local directory, or network location and pointing YaST to the appropriate URI.

On systems with access to, the online repository hosted here can be used to install the driver kit by using the following URL as a SUSE Linux Enterprise add-on product:

Package / Repository Signing Key

This driver kit repository and the packages included are digitally signed for integrity verification.

During installation the installer may ask to import an "untrusted key". This key is the public SUSE SolidDriver Program key (formally known as PLDP) used to verify the packages.

Key information:

Key ID: 79144284C2BEA7E6
Key Name: PLDP Signing Key <>
Key Fingerprint: D59857D5CA0058DA627C5D7779144284C2BEA7E6

The key must be imported to install the driver kit. More information on this key can be found at:


After installation of the driver kit add-on product, the system must be rebooted for the new drivers to take effect.

package names and versions

The following packages are provided with this driver kit:


Updates to this driver kit can be found at: updates-readme.html