Lenovo participates in the SUSE SolidDriver Program and the drivers provided by Lenovo for SUSE Linux Enterprise are supported

Drivers Delivered by Lenovo

The latest drivers for SUSE products on Lenovo enterprise servers can be found at the Lenovo's OS Support Center and YUM repos

Visit Lenovo OS Support Center for Linux Lenovo Driver Repositories

Verifying Genuine Lenovo Supported Drivers

By checking the kernel module packages digital signature, the kernel module packages provided by Lenovo can be validated as and ensurerd to be supported by Lenovo and SUSE

Download the Lenovo Public Key

fingerprint: 6382 8830 9E18 493A 6D85 BE49 D112 38B9 3FB8 98C9

Drivers Delivered by SUSE

Developed and tested in partnership between SUSE and Lenovo these installation kits are designed to deliver optimal compatibility, functionality and performance running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Lenovo servers

SUSE is working very closely with hardware vendors to ensure timely hardware enablement of new systems. Should your search only reveal results for older service pack levels, it is safe to assume newer service packs already provide the drivers needed for your system.

If you are unsure whether your system requires any of the drivers hosted here, please contact your hardware vendor or

Hosted Driver Kits