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As part of the SUSE SolidDriver Program, hosts driver kits for use with SUSE Linux Enterprise Products. Below you will find links to documentation related to this site as well as the SUSE SolidDriver Program itself.

  • Usage provides instructions on how to use this site and the driver kits it delivers.

  • SUSE SolidDriver Program Overview is an introduction to the SUSE SolidDriver program, it’s mission and goals. The complexities and concerns around deploying kernel modules are presented as well as solutions that the SolidDriver program brings to those challenges.

  • SUSE SolidDriver Compliance Definition documents criteria for delivering kernel modules to end users in a manner that is easy for customers to use, compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise products, supportable by SUSE, as well as usable in the SUSE YES Certification program.

  • Kernel Module Packages Manual describes how to build rpm packages used to deliver kernel modules compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise kernels.

  • SUSE Module Check and kABI Notification Service The Module Check Service tests kernel modules for compatibility with currently supported SUSE Linux Enterprise kernel versions.

  • Developer Notes offer hints, recommendations and best practices for for developers and maintainers of kernel modules and kernel module packages.

  • User Guide provides various instructions for end users on using driver updates with their SUSE product deployments.

  • Joining the SUSE SolidDriver Program: Existing SUSE partners that want to leverage the SUSE SolidDriver Program can contact their SUSE interface who will help them get started. Those who do not know their SUSE interface or are a prospective partner can contact SUSE through the Partner Portal at Also refer to the SUSE Developers Services Program for more details on the specific offerings of the SolidDriver Program, including various program levels, requirements and restrictions.