SUSE SolidDriver Compliance Definition

Certification (YES)

If a kernel module update is used when performing a SUSE YES certification, the following criteria must be met to meet SolidDriver compliance:

YES certified configuration is reproducible as documented in the YES bulletin

YES certification bulletins detail the exact system and software configuration used for the certification testing. To be a valid certification, the components used must be available to any party wishing reproduce the certified configuration. In addition, when debugging customer issues it is important to be able to bring a system exhibiting the problem as close to a certified configuration as possible to help localize root causes of regressions.

To meet this criteria, the bulletin must identify any kernel module updates used for the certification and where the user can obtain the exact binaries used for the certification. Any certifications that do not meet this criteria or any of the other SolidDriver compliance criteria will be marked as utilizing “NON-SolidDriver compliant drivers”

Certified configuration is reproducible for the life of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product certified

Not only must the certification list the way to obtain the exact same binary builds of any kernel module updates used in a YES certification, they must be obtainable for the life of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Product the certification is based on. This is not a requirement that the builds used for the certification remain supported - only that they remain available.