SUSE SolidDriver Program

How It Works

Up to this point, the complications related to installing third party kernel modules have been identified, and the goal of the SUSE SolidDriver Program to reduce these complexities and set standards to help do so have been illustrated.

The following sections will go into some detail on technical implementations that meet the standards and help achieve the goal.

  • Kernel Module Packages The heart of the SUSE SolidDriver Program standards. This packaging standard allows us to install kernel modules with ease and confidence.
  • SUSE Kernel ABI Stability To help keep users running with installed third party kernel modules, SUSE has a policy to keep the kernel ABI stable with kernel updates provided to customers.
  • Joint Support Agreements In order to effectively support customers that are running SUSE Linux Enterprise kernels with third party kernel modules, we set into place cooperative support proceses with the third party vendors.
  • Driver Kits Driver kits allow a vendor to bundle all software required to enable a product into one location that is easily integrated and installed on SUSE Linux Enterprise operating systems.